“Whatever I want to be” is not true

There are people that possess the physical skills that I will never have.  Many are stronger, faster and more agile than I will ever be.

The notion that I can be “whatever I want to be” is simply not true.  We ALL have limitations both physically and mentally.

I don’t have the right to believe that I’m going to be an Olympic weightlifter, sprinter or swimmer.

So what does that mean for me?  Give up, don’t fight for my dreams and quit before I get started.

NO! Of course not.

It means that everyday I will strive to become the strongest, fastest, most disciplined and intellectual person that I can become.  The best husband, father, son, brother, friend, instructor, mentor is my daily goal.

I will look at others better than me and say “Look at what’s possible. How close can I get to that awesomeness?!”

I will be better than yesterday and greater for tomorrow.

I will never stop improving and becoming the best version of ME that I can be!

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