Stop Complaining

Feeling sorry for yourself is a problem many are facing today. They think their situation is the worst, their problems can’t be fixed, their health and physical well-being is lacking more than others. If you find yourself feeling this way, try this one for size.

The next time you feel yourself wallowing in your problem, find someone else who has worse problems. Feeling like your health is horrible? Visit someone in the hospital. Got a money problem? Visit the kitchen downtown. Feeling depressed? Talk to a recovering addict. Think you have relationship issues? Go help at the Family Violence Shelter.

The greatest feeling you can get is by helping someone with a problem you feel like you’re having. Random Acts Of Kindness is the ultimate solution to all your problems. Homework: Think of a situation you are facing right now, sit down with someone who is hurting and help them feel a little better about their world. This is the ultimate step for self-improvement.

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