Mental Stamina

Mental stamina is the ability to face adversity, failure, and negative events without a loss of effort, attitude and enthusiasm.

Everyone works hard when they feel good, but few work hard when they don’t.  A mentally tough person will keep grinding whether they feel like it or not.

Stay in control of your destiny.

How to create mental stamina:

  • Read daily – read things that will challenge the way you see things and challenge your thought process.
  • Debate topics with others – talk about politics, movies, martial arts techniques. The more you can interact with people and talk the more mental stamina you create.
  • Put yourself in uncomfortable situations – the more often you put yourself into situations you are not normally in the more your brain will adapt to those situations. Find ways to stretch that comfort zone.
  • Exercise daily – when you exercise you increase the good chemicals in the brain (endorphins and dopamine) that helps give you clarity and a different perspective on the situation you are facing.
  • Play strategy games – it could be on your phone, computer or board game, but strategy games help your brain stay sharp and your mental focus strong.
  • Have a good diet – eating healthy doesn’t give you that drop in energy in the afternoon, feed your body well and your mind will serve you well.
  • Get enough sleep – 5 hours doesn’t cut it, give your body the sleep it needs to keep you going all day long.
  • Think positively – negative thoughts diminish mental stamina while positive thoughts increase it. Be aware of not only your spoken words, but more importantly, your mental thoughts about yourself.

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