Go the Extra Mile

go-the-extra-mileI worked at a convenience store out in Strafford, Missouri from 1994-1996, and I remember my old boss, Wayne, telling me, “Do more than what you get paid for and you will always get paid more.” My job there was simple, I was just a clerk, but I really took what Wayne said to heart. I actively looked for ways to do and learn more. I stayed late to mop and restock after I closed so that the morning crew wouldn’t have to do it (and that was off the clock). I asked to help check stock when a shipment came in only because I was curious how they did it. I wanted to learn how to price items, take inventory, and order supplies so that I understood the process.   I constantly asked questions about how and why they did what they did at the store.

Why did I do all this? To me I never saw any job I had as a “job”. I considered every job as an education for me. I learned something from every job, so I took that knowledge with me to the next job. I learned that even though I worked for someone, I was ultimately my own boss and in charge of every experience I learned.

I still hold that same work ethic. Even when I’m not at the school I’m constantly reading, learning and thinking of ways to make the school better. It’s a never-ending passion for me because if I’m not learning and getting better, then I’m not growing as a person.

I’m always striving to be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday.

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