Do the Work

I sat down with a student the other day and they proceeded to tell me that they couldn’t do the push-ups required to test for their Black Belt.  My first question was, “did you put in the work?”  They immediately said “yes I did.”

So I asked them, “how many push-ups did you do today?” and they answered “none.”
My next questions was, “how many did you do yesterday?” and they answered “none.”
I followed up with, “how many push-ups have you done this week?” and they answered, “none.”

This student didn’t put in the work to achieve the goal that was set for them.  Now you may be thinking that this student is a kid, and yes, this does happen to kids often.  However, this was an adult! You would think that adults can set and achieve goals that is needed of them.  “Putting In The Work” is a saying that rings true to achieving what you want in life.

Have you put in the work to achieve Black Belt?
Have you put in the work to achieve better grades?
Have you put in the work to become a better student?
Have you put in the work to be a better father/mother/brother/sister?

Look at the last time you failed and ask…
“Did I put in the work?”

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