Dealing with a Temper Tantrum

temper-tantrumDealing with a child that’s throwing a temper tantrum is never fun, it’s also downright embarrassing when it’s done in public. So how do you handle this situation? The first thing that pops into our brains is to yell and scream at them.

You must first understand 2 things about a child that is throwing a temper tantrum:

  • This behavior from the child shows that the child does not know or understand boundaries.
  • They see the place they’re in (grocery store, shopping mall etc.) as their world not as our world.

So how do we handle this when it happens in public? First, don’t give the tantrum power. Be very un-emotional about this, don’t let the frustration and embarrassment take over.   Second, leave the place and/or situation as quickly as possible without emotion, positive or negative.

Understand that this tantrum has nothing to do with you; it has to do with your child. They are basically having a hard time expressing themselves and they become frustrated with the situation.

As the parent, you need to teach them about playing fair, teach them how to establish boundaries and show them how to limit their behavioral outbursts.

To help avoid a tantrum, know how much your child can handle. If you know they can’t handle running 2 hours of errands, than split it up and give them a break. Let them have a little fun and then go back to finish up up your shopping.

Help them prepare for the journey: give them a break down of what’s going to happen. Let them know where they are going and what’s expected of them. Tell them the behavior that’s expected of them and what consequences may be waiting for them if they misbehave. Most importantly, follow through on what you say you’re going to do.

Remember, it’s your job to teach your child how to act, be a great role model for them. They will emulate your behavior.

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