90-Day Challenge

The 90-Day Test

People where giving 5 choices: Exercise, Watching TV, Casual Reading, Self-Improvement Reading & Facebook/Instagram.

They were asked to rate these as to which would have the most positive impact on their lives after 90 days.  Here’s the results:

  • Exercise
  • Self-Improvement
  • Casual Reading
  • Watching TV
  • Facebook

But here’s the reality of what people spend their time on.

  • Watching TV (320 minutes per day)
  • Facebook/Instagram (90 minutes per day)
  • Casual Reading (30 minutes per day)
  • Exercise (15 minutes per day)
  • Self-Improvement Reading (5 minutes per day)

Here’s my challenge to you, take the 90-day test.  Do things that you know will only benefit you 90-days from now.  If that activity doesn’t matter in 90-days, choose to limit the exposure to it or eliminate it all together. 

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