There are 2 types of discipline – Internal and External. You can have your parents, boss, teacher or manager impose external discipline but it’s only short term. Self-Discipline means that you have made the choice to be disciplined.  You accept responsibility for your future, you’ve made the choice to do and be more. Self-discipline is Read more about Discipline[…]


Be tough if you are a parent, teacher, instructor, or someone who influences other people. You’re not doing them a favor by lowering your standards and expectations in an effort to be kind, gentle, or popular. Short term kindness will cost a great deal for them in the future. 

Iron Sharpens Iron

Seek out and find people who push you. You will learn more from the ones who hold you to higher standards than from the people who hold you to lower standards. In hindsite, you will realize that the toughest teachers and mentors were the ones who taught you the most. Iron sharpens iron. www.MAUSASpringfield.com www.JeffCvitak.com