Don’t feel like coming to class? Awesome! Now’s your chance to practice perseverance. Feel liked quitting? Awesome! Work on your tenacity. Got injured and can’t train? Awesome! Instead of working on your physical training, work on your mental training. Got tapped out? Awesome! Now’s your chance to self-reflect on your mistakes. Sparring someone bigger? Awesome! Read more about Awesome[…]

If and When

If and When statements are both very powerful statements but they produce very different results. Ex: I will reward myself with ____ IF I can hit my push-ups. I will reward myself with ____ WHEN I can hit my push-ups. The IF statement gives your mind a way out, an excuse to fail.  The WHEN Read more about If and When[…]

Avoid Atrophy

You don’t become weak overnight… It’s a slow process, it creeps in silently.  You become convinced to taking an easier path and tricked by comfort. You become weak not from one decision you make, it comes from many small, insignificant decisions that grow over time. You sleep in a little later, do one less rep, Read more about Avoid Atrophy[…]